There are a number of significant national parks, national monuments, historic sites, and other places of note in the Southwestern United States. The best-known, perhaps, is the Grand Canyon National Park in Northern Arizona.

Grand Canyon National Park, located northwest of Flagstaff, is visited by thousands of individuals from all over the world and continues to be a must-see place to visit. Its South Rim area is highlighted on these pages.

Other national parks and natural sites in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Nevada make the Southwest one of the nation's best regions for visiting Our National Parks.

To understand the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim region and its features, as well as the many recreational activities, we have prepared feature articles and photographs about the park. Simply click on the Grand Canyon link in the navigation area to the left.

Enjoy …

The Grand Canyon at sunrise at El Tovar on the South Rim (Photo by Bruce Garrison).

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