National Parks of Africa – Rather than surf around the Internet looking for information on the national parks of Africa, gathers it all into one place. This site offers detailed information on national parks and game reserves in both eastern and southern Africa. – Focusing solely on the national parks of South Africa, this site provides information for tourists looking to visit South Africa.

Southern Africa Places CC – Another gathering of information on national parks focusing on the southern part of the continent.

SHOOR Safaris – Although it is a professional safari service, SHOOR provides people with a useful guide on the game reserves and national parks of Africa. – While not everyone can go to Africa on safari, Africam allows viewers to see slices of life in a real game reserve. A variety of cameras provide images of different animals, ranging from Leopard Cam to Kilicam (which is trained on Mt. Kilimanjaro).

Tanzania National Parks – This website focuses on the national parks located in Tanzania, but also functions as a tour guide to the country featuring updates of major stories and news events happening in Tanzania.

Uganda Wildlife Authority – This Ugandan website is concerned more with the preservation of the wildlife on the reserves it promotes rather than drawing tourism into the country. It is well-designed and easy to navigate, perfect for ecologically concerned tourists looking go on safari.

Zambia Tourism – Although primarily a tourism site meant to draw in visitors from around the world, this site provides useful information on the many national parks and game reserves of Zambia.

Kenya Wildlife Service – A state sponsored group dedicated to protection of indigenous wildlife, the KWS website is especially useful in researching the region and the way in which the state strives to maintain the natural landscape.

The Living Africa – Created by three students from around the world, The Living Africa serves as a hub of information regarding Africa’s wildlife and national parks, as well as spotlighting the various people that populate the continent. – Go2Africa is a wholly commercial enterprise, but it isn’t without merit. Its maps are some of the most comprehensive on the web for locating where national parks and game reserves are located in comparison with one another.

The Africa Guide – Once all of the “special offers” and “limited time offers” are over, The Africa Guide serves as a comprehensive guide of the national parks services available throughout Africa.

Kruger National Park – One of the most popular national parks in Africa, this is the official website of the South African national park. It offers a variety of services for visitors to use without going through unofficial channels.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages – GORP doesn’t focus solely on Africa, but rather offers an extensive look at the various national parks and outdoor activities of the world at large. The section on Africa is particularly detailed and offers several lists for what to do outdoors while visiting, including Ten Great Alpine Adventures and Top Ten Adventures on a Shoestring.

The Safari Company – While it is a commercial safari company, this site does have a better-than-average map of southern Africa and the national parks contained within.

South Africa Travel – This website offers an easy-to-use travel guide of South Africa, focusing on national parks and wildlife reservations.

Wildlife Tourism – This listing of major wildlife parks in Africa allows users to view only the places they are interested in researching without navigating through pages of unnecessary text.

African Wildlife Foundation – The AWF focuses on the protection of the indigenous wildlife found in Africa and accomplishes this with an in-depth look at the national parks of Africa and the wildlife found within.

African Conservation Foundation – The ACF has an extensive guide to all of the protected and conservation sites found throughout Africa and the animals that can be found there. The main page also updates with news stories featuring conservation efforts or high-profile poaching stories.

Wildcam Africa – Much like Africam, this National Geographic camera allows users to see African wildlife from their computer screen. The camera itself is located in the Moshatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

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