Jackson Hole: Not in Miami, anymore, Toto

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — When you live your entire life surrounded by palm trees, Cuban accents and beach weather year-round, the mere sight of a cowboy hat makes you want to take out your Canon and play tourist.

A Miamian wandering the small but lively historic center of Jackson Hole, Wyo., is probably more surprising to its locals than seeing a bear at a stoplight. But no matter what big city you hail from, Jackson’s charm is hard to ignore. The mix of mom and pop shops with contemporary art galleries makes venturing through the town a truly fun and surprising adventure.

Although my long jet-black hair and designer boots might have been given my tourist identity away, it was refreshing to find that it didn’t stop locals from sparking conversation. That’s one plus about small town living versus big city: people are actually really, really nice.

Click on the image at the right to view a short video of Jackson Hole, Wyo. photographed and produced by writer Sandy Florez.

Of course, exploring Jackson’s historic center wouldn’t be nearly as fun if I didn’t document it. I made a short video that features some of the gorgeous views on my walk through Grand Teton National Park’s pathways, a quick stop my roommate Nella Stelluto and I made at local favorite Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream shop, and the delicious dinner our group enjoyed on our last evening in town at the Snake River Brewery.

Although I never thought I would make my way from the Sunshine State to Moose Country, I have a feeling I’ll find my way back there one day (I mean, I’m already craving that Almond Brittle Crunch ice cream!)

Sandy Florez
University of Miami ’12

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